Top 4 Netflix Original Series

Netflix is not only known for bringing us movies to our living rooms it is fast becoming known for its original series’. Here are 4 of the best original series’ that Netflix have brought us:

Orange is the New Black: The original plot of Orange is the New Black was about Piper Kerman’s time in a minimum-security federal prison but has since gone on to tell you the stories of the other inmates by showing flashbacks of their lives leading up to them being in prison. Though at times light- hearted Orange is the New Black shows the tough times that woman can struggle through in the women’s prison system. Orange is the New Black has become one of Netflix most watched original series and has been nominated for 12 Primetime Emmy awards for its first season alone.

Narcos: Narcos details the life of Pablo Escobar who manufactures cocaine from the late 1970’s to July 1992. Focusing on the main events that happened in Columbia during this time it tells you how Escobar was involved in them. Steve Murphy, a DEA agent working in Columbia tells the story from his point of view. Murphy is given the task to end the flow of cocaine which Escobar is manufacturing.

Making A Murderer: Making a Murder is more like a documentary series but is still classed as an original series by Netflix. Making a Murderer is about a man called Steven Avery who has been charged and sentenced to 18 years in prison for rape and attempted murder. He is fully cleared of these crimes so files a lawsuit against the county for wrongful imprisonment. Then in 2005, he is arrested and charged with the murder of Teresa Halbach whose last known movements were at Stevens property. Steven denies murder and this series looks at the mistakes that the county has made during and after Stevens arrest. The series also focuses on Steven’s nephew who is also charged with the murder.

House of Cards: Frank Underwood is a House Majority Whip who is denied a promotion to Secretary of State which he has been promised. He and his wife Claire decide to get revenge on those who have wronged him. Frank uses corruption climb the political career ladder with Claire by his side looking for her place in the spotlight.

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