4 Best Picks on Amazon Prime

Netflix isn’t the only place to stream movies and TV shows these days, Amazon Prime is becoming more and more popular with a 30-day free trial and 1000’s of TV shows and movies brought to your home it is easy to understand why. Here is a list of our top picks from Amazon Prime that we don’t think that you should miss:

American Gods: Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) is an ex-convict recently released from prison who discovers his wife has been killed in a tragic accident. As he is travelling home from the funeral the plane is rocked by a storm and he meets a man called ‘Mr. Wednesday’ who seems to know more about Shadow than he ever should. Shadow begins to work with Mr. Wednesday who has been sent to recruit new Gods to fight against a new pathogen.

The 100: The 100 sees 100 juvenile criminals who are the only known survivors sent back to earth 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilisation in hope that they can re-populate the earth. On earth the teens discover they aren’t in fact the only survivors there are other humans and animals on earth. They must overcome these challenges and work together to form a fixed community.

Outlander: Claire Randall a nurse from 1945 who us taken back in time to 1743 although married she falls for Jamie Fraser a charming highland warrior from Scotland. She becomes involved in the trials to change history and stop the Battle of Culloden.

Preacher: Jessie a preacher from Texas is caught up in a supernatural event at his church and he accidently merges with a heavenly being. Jesse had been slowly losing his faith in god before this happened and then realises he is not quite done with the church yet. He enlists the help of Cassidy, a vampire, and his ex- girlfriend Tulip in his quest to find god.

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